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Lost or Broke Your Phone? Replace it for Less Than $179.99

I would bet you or someone you know has either lost or broken their phone at some point in their life. We all cringe when our phone drops face down on the ground hoping that the screen didn’t crack. I’ve dropped my phone in the toilet forgetting it was in my back pocket. Recently I was trying to take a pic of the peak of Mount Fuji. See the picture I captured below before  the screen completely cracked. :/

If you are like me and don’t have insurance on your phone, then you have to pay full price for a new one. Sometimes even repairing the phone with insurance can be expensive for some people.

Or how about those people who are due for an upgrade and their phone breaks the month before. It’s a pain in the neck.

Things happen and when they do, we have to figure out the best solution.

One way to ease the burden is by purchasing an unlocked Android device. Unlocked Android devices are the fastest growing category of mobile phones.

Many of them are affordable, reliable and very stylish.

The greatest thing about unlocked GSM devices is that you can swap out SIM cards any time you want. So while you are waiting for an upgrade you can purchase an affordable model until you are eligible, or you can purchase one as your new phone or secondary phone depending on your needs.

Posh Mobile smartphones, phablets and tables are unlocked and work on any GSM network such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Check out my article Which Carriers Work With My Posh Mobile Device? for a list of  other providers that will work with Posh

I put together a few models that I think are great options if you are in the market for an affordable Android device.

For those looking for a device to read books, watch movies, talk and text, then the new Equal Pro LTE L700 would be a great choice. The MSRP is $164.99 but it is available on Amazon for $104.99 today! *

For those looking for an everyday phone with pretty intense use, I would recommend the Ultra Max LTE L550. The MSRP is $194.99 but is available on Amazon for $119.99.*

For those that love to be on social media, take selfies and have video chats with friends, I would highly recommend the Optima LTE L530 with fingerprint ID technology. The MSRP is $229.99 but it is available on Amazon for $169.49.*

If you are one of those people that don’t like to do anything but make calls and send texts and listen to music? Well the there are two options I would suggest. If you are looking for the smallest possible smartphone, then the Micro XS240 is a great option. I would suggest using a stylus pen to text if you have large fingers. For those that want to go back to basics the Lynx A100 is a great feature phone or we have the flip version, the Lynx  A110.

Micro X S240 – MSRP$89.99

Amazon Price $49.99*

Lynx A110 – MSRP $44.99

Amazon Price $29.99*

Lynx A100 – MSRP $24.99

Amazon Price $19.90*

To view all of the models we have available on Amazon and the savings click here.

Best of luck!

* All Amazon prices listed here reflect current pricing on date this article was published. Amazon pricing may fluctuate daily.