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Do we subconsciously judge people by the look of their phones?

I must admit at times I have passed judgement on people based on their phone.

For example, I’ve seen someone walking down the street talking on a flip phone and thought to myself, they must be stuck in the early 90’s or maybe they can’t afford a newer phone right now.

But that’s pretty unfair of me really. Maybe they’d just rather not be as connected to the social and mobile world as most people are today. A flip phone is super basic, you call and text on it. When you have a large smartphone the possibilities are endless and can consume a lot of time, causing you to miss some of the important moments in your life.

I came across an article from ANDROIDPIT that I found pretty amusing. It discussed what the brand and condition of your phone could potentially say about you.

Check out some of the highlights below and click here to see the whole article.

Here’s what they wrote:

What kind of phone do you have?

  • iPhone 4: You’re either a hipster or you enjoy being on the cusp of technology… from five years ago.
  • Nexus 5: You’re one of us. You know the secret handshake. Welcome.
  • Galaxy S6 Edge: You love to show off. Money is no object. You may have recently switched over from an iPhone 6 or you may have bought every successive Galaxy phone since the Galaxy S2.

What condition is your phone in?

  • Pristine condition: your phone is either brand spanking new or you really, really look after your gadgets. Either way, you probably have good personal hygiene and a tidy bedroom.
  • Cracked screen for months: You just don’t care anymore. You wear clothes three or four times before washing them, haven’t vacuumed in months, ignore that squeak in your car until a wheel falls off and are probably always late with your taxes.

I know some people may not care what people think about their phones, but there are some of us that do. I know for myself when I’m traveling for work, my phone kind of represents me in a way. I don’t use crazy color cases, the screen is never cracked and my phones usually look like they’re in new condition. I love sleek designs when it comes to cellphones and I’d rather show it off then cover it up with a case or I would prefer a clear case so it doesn’t even look like it’s there.

Let’s face it, we all drop our phones at one point or another but the great thing about Posh Mobile devices is that they are super affordable so if I were to break it, it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to replace it like an iPhone or a Galaxy device.

I have a few phones because I constantly like to switch up my style. The best thing about my phones are that they are all unlocked and I can easily swap out my sim card and go about my day.

I just started using the Ultra Max LTE L550 and I absolutely love the dual glass design on the phone. It’s very professional looking and has Android 6.0 Marshmallow running on it.  It also features a 5.5” PLUS-sized HD Display, 8MP Camera and 16GB of storage which has an MSRP of $194.99 but its available on Amazon for only $119.99. For the price, it’s quite a deal.

Although we shouldn’t judge people by the type of phone they have, we know that people usually do knowingly or unknowingly.

Since they will mostly like have something to say about your phone you might as well make it something worth talking about.