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Your Phone Your Way With Yandex

Select Wallpaper

Choose from a huge library of awe inspiring wallpapers including illustrations, flowers, landscapes, animals and more.

Add Widgets

Pick some widgets that will help you such as Weather preview, a snap shot of your calendar, a window to Pandora and may more.

Adjust Transitions

You can choose how you would like the App to move you form screen to screen – create a carousel effect, move in a cube or apply a jelly-like transition.

Zen News Desk

Create your own personal news feed with your favorite news channels in Entertainment, Tech, Sports and more.

Get Colorful

Build your own color palette to give your phone a look that’s all your own or apply one of Yandex’s pre-established themes.

Find Apps

It’s easy with Yandex to search your Apps or organize them by color to find the one who’s icon you remember, but name you forget! Yandex will also remember apps so you never miss a new one again.

Customize Home Button

With Yandex you can customize your home button. Pick your shape and choose an image or texture to go inside it.

The newest models come with Yandex already installed.

Do you have an older Posh device?
Don’t worry, you can install Yandex yourself.

Download Now. Need Help?