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Awesome price for flagship features, watch out Samsung!

So I just bought my Posh L550 and I have to say for the budget price it delivers the closest experience to a flagship phone as possible for this price range. The gorilla glass is awesome and it actually gets just as good of service as the Samsung Galaxy it replaced.
Jordan Woodall,, October 27, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon

Do we subconsciously judge people by the look of their phones?

Do you judge people by the phone they carry? What does your phone say about you? Read on to find out.

Introducing the Ultra Max LTE L550, high style at an affordable price

Consumers who crave elegance and fashionable features in their smartphone will love the new Ultra Max LTE L550 from Posh Mobile.  It features a dual glass design, a gorgeous gold option , lightning fast LTE connectivity and 16GB of internal storage. Stay connected in style.

“Love this phone!” – Ultra Max LTE L550

Love this phone! The price is incredible. The Ultra Max LTE L550 is great for streaming music, using as mobile hotspot, email. etc. I travel some, let's me keep up with Office 365.
Jason Newman,, October 26, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon