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Awesome price for flagship features, watch out Samsung!

So I just bought my Posh L550 and I have to say for the budget price it delivers the closest experience to a flagship phone as possible for this price range. The gorilla glass is awesome and it actually gets just as good of service as the Samsung Galaxy it replaced.
Jordan Woodall,, October 27, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon

“Love this phone!” – Ultra Max LTE L550

Love this phone! The price is incredible. The Ultra Max LTE L550 is great for streaming music, using as mobile hotspot, email. etc. I travel some, let's me keep up with Office 365.
Jason Newman,, October 26, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon

Fantastic and Highly Competitive Just As a Smart MP3/Media Player

My main, and pretty much only, interest in this Posh Mobile Micro X S240 was as a Smart MP3 player. If you shop around, as I have, good Smart MP3 Players can run around $40, and that is not even touching the Apple MP3 market or the fact those other big brands don’t actually run a full Android OS. So for the current fifty bucks, just in the Smart MP3 Player market alone, this little guy is highly competitive.
Tinfoot,, October 25, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon

Outstanding. Best small smart phone available.

I bought this phone originally to use as a small media player but ended up getting phone service for it. Overall I absolutely love this device and couldn’t be happier with it. The phone was priced at $30 when I bought it. It’s very hard to get a decent no-contract unlocked Android phone at that price. It's a great size if you’re looking for something small.
Horror movie buff,, October 25, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon

Optima L530 offers solid performance

The Optima L530 works great, looks fantastic, offers solid performance, and comes at a price that makes most phone manufacturers blush.
Paul Tucker, Amazon, June 26, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon

Micro X S240 is amazingly cute

The Micro X S240 is impossibly small, amazingly cute, totally functional. The speaker is stunningly good for such a little critter. Netflix streams like butter and looks so impossibly cute.
Jeff Wulf, Amazon, March 13, 2016 See MoreVisit Amazon

Equal S700 gets an A+

The price, customer service and product, all get an A+.
Marquis Edwards, Amazon, October 23, 2015 See MoreVisit Amazon